After Builders Cleaning

If you think that spring cleaning your home is difficult, try cleaning it after you have done some construction work in it or a full property refurbishment. Luckily for you, however, you do not need to lead this battle alone. We, from Cleaning Uxbridge, have a perfect solution for you – a speedy after builders cleaning in Uxbridge. This is a professional cleaning service which is executed by qualified cleaning professionals yet it is cheap, flexible and of an excellent quality.

Comprehensive after builders cleaning in Uxbridge

Even a small construction job like the installation of new kitchen cupboards can make your home messy and dirty.  That is why we offer a reliable after builders cleaning service in Uxbridge that is remarkably comprehensive. We will clean your entire home from A to Z. Our polite and motivated cleaners will vacuum clean and mop the floors in the property and they will polish absolutely every surface in it. They will also clean your windows, including their frames and sills, from the inside. Next, our dependable and meticulous staff will deep clean all fixtures, stairs, floors and doors in the home. Although our efficient after construction cleaning does not feature the deep sanitisation of domestic appliances, we will clean them on the outside. Of course, you are also free to book this service together with some of the additional services that we offer such as professional upholstery and carpet cleaning if you want us to sanitise these areas of the property in an even more thorough manner.

What you need to know about this service

The key word in after builders cleaning is “after.” Clients should call and book us only after the builders have finished their job. In other words, you are welcomed to hire us if all the construction work in the house has been completed. Also, know that our trusted after builders cleaning service in Uxbridge is not the same thing as a domestic cleaning or a deep cleaning service. That is because the former has to be executed by vetted cleaning technicians who also have CSCS cards. We have an entire team of such certified professionals who have been properly trained and insured. Since post-construction cleaning jobs tend to be quite messy and challenging, we usually use heavy-duty cleaning equipment. So, even if you try to DIY an after builders cleaning, you will not enjoy very good results since you will need to have special machines, qualifications and experience.

Enjoy cheap after construction cleaning with us

Our safe after builders cleaning in Uxbridge is one of our most popular services not only because it never fails to offer outstanding results but also because it is available at a dirt-cheap price. For domestic cleaning jobs, we charge only £15 per hour per cleaner and for commercial ones, the price is just £16 per hour per cleaner. Given that our friendly cleaning experts are equipped with high-performance tools and machines and that they work in a timely fashion, the final price of this service of ours tends to be quite reasonable and affordable.

Carried out by experienced cleaners

The professional cleaners which we employ do not rely entirely on ultramodern cleaning machines. They also possess an incredible set of skills which they have acquired through our effective training program and their many years of experience in the field. That is why our flexible after construction cleaning in Uxbridge is among the best in London. We, at Cleaning Uxbridge, have fully insured each of our pros and we have instructed them to do their job in full compliance with all safety and quality regulations.